Psychometric Assessments

HRSuits Consulting is an authorized re seller of Central Test, an international publisher providing reliable psychometric assessments that brings essential information into the recruitment, internal mobility, skills development and talent retention processes. They are powerful tools for identifying an individual’s strengths and blind spots, and areas of development.

Whether you are a large company, an SME, a consulting firm, or even a university student, our assessment platform is adapted to your specific needs. You will be able to access our assessment modules through a secure online platform. Our web services will ensure a seamless integration of our modules into your organization’s HR systems.

Each assessment has a different focus and approach: Which one is right for your HR objectives?

  • Professional Profile 2

    Professional Profile 2 is one the best behavioral assessment tools that has been developed to assess the fit between the job and a candidate. It is ideal for optimizing the recruitment processes and is highly used for career development. This approach focuses on showcasing the candidate’s professional profile against a set of 22 competencies.

  • Sales Profile-R

    Sales Profile-R assesses an individual’s sales potential, skills and motivation to work in the sales field. The assessment evaluates all aspects related to the sales process: Client Acquisition, Business Development, Negotiation and Selling Skills. This assessment can be used for training, internal mobility and auditing sales teams.

  • CTPI-R

    Central Test Personality Inventory- R (CTPI-R) is an assessment intended specifically for use in the recruitment process to assess managerial potential. Within a recruitment framework, it is highly used for internal mobility and succession planning processes in order to identify the qualities of future leaders.


    VOCATION is a career management assessment that is designed to facilitate the processes of career guidance and career management and is used to help candidates discover their career interest, choose and occupation and plan their career growth.


    The Reasoning Test is an assessment that allows you to assess a candidate’s logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning abilities (Intelligence Quotient).


    EMOTION is a psychometric assessment used to successfully recruit emotionally intelligent candidates by evaluating one’s own and other’s emotion in a work environment. This assessment can be used to design and implement customized training programs to develop the required skills of emotional intelligence.