• Meta Execising 12th Jan

    Meta Exercising Moments

    By Chafic Kharma

    Many of the working population are spending most of their waking life in the office. Organizations are now concentrating more on wellness in the workplace to maintain a healthy workforce and to avoid loss of production from absenteeism, staff turnover and early retirement. Health programs specifically physical act [Read More]

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  • Marketing Digitally

    Surviving the Violent Waves of Change

    Did we know that waves do not transport water? Or that they are actually a concentrated form of solar energy? We used to believe that the world was our oyster, if we had the winning smile, the right attitude, enough education and knowledge about a certain field of work and the willpower, stamina and of course, not forgetting our four-leafed clover, we’d be qualified enough to make it, hence our path paved (...)

    04th October 2017
  • PDA Launch

    Professional Development Academy Launch

    On September 1, 2017, HRSuits Consulting launched a new division that focuses on the development of organizations’ most valuable asset, its People (...)

    12th September 2017
  • Retention of Sales Staff

    Retention Practices for your Sales People

    Many of my senior executive clients I spoke to have one concern in common; turnover rate of their sales people (...)

    16th May 2017

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