• Listening - Key to Success 20th Feb

    Listening – Key to your Success

    By Chafic Kharma

    You are listening but not really engaged, listening but not really connected or listening but not really clear what is being said… basically listening but @#$%!&#@$... You probably experienced something similar and you probably noticed it is more frequent! Why is that? Communication is something we did and s [Read More]

  • Mergers 17th Jan

    Seven Tips for Surviving a Merger

    By Guest, Valeria Edmonds

    Seventeen years ago, I found out the company I worked for would be going through the biggest merger in history. Now after learning many lessons from that experience and going through even more subsequent organizational changes, I have a few tips for those impacted by two companies coming together to form a new ent [Read More]

  • Meta Execising 12th Jan

    Meta Exercising Moments

    By Chafic Kharma

    Many of the working population are spending most of their waking life in the office. Organizations are now concentrating more on wellness in the workplace to maintain a healthy workforce and to avoid loss of production from absenteeism, staff turnover and early retirement. Health programs specifically physical act [Read More]

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