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Building a Culture of Organizational Citizenship

By Chafic Kharma

20th Mar


Engagement is when employees are enthusiastic to perform and are committed to work to achieve organization’s goals. It is when relationships become stronger, when happiness levels rise and when employees are willing to contribute their knowledge, skills, abilities and effort towards the success of the organization.

In an engaged organization, everyone feels that their voice is heard and as a result will accomplish more and will have the power to achieve even the most difficult objectives. It has been widely proven, through extensive research that when an organization and its employees embrace the principles of engagement, staff performance and retention rise. It is the most competitive differentiator among organizations.


While each organization will have unique drivers that promote a sense of engagement in employees, in my research I found certain universal factors that promote engagement in all organizations.

Narrative Strategy: Organizations need to have a compelling story communicated by leaders. A story with a clear message and purpose that embodies the culture. A story that make employees feel they belong in the organization and make them want to stay.

Solidarity: Employees have cooperative relations with others in the workplace achieving a sense of community and belonging. They have a say and that their voice is heard and listened to. Their views are taken into account and invited to contribute their experience, expertise and ideas when decisions are being discussed that affect them.

Parity: Employees are felt part of the team and their work is contributing to organization’s objectives. They are treated justly in relation to the basic conditions of employment and empowered whereby enjoying autonomy and choice in how they work while being coached and stretched to bring the best out of them.

Appreciation: Employees experience a culture of praise and acknowledgement. They take pride in their successes and achievements and are enabled to do them well to receive recognition and acknowledgement. Their professional and career development are discussed at regular points during the year, and they receive the support needed to achieve their goals.


Engaging employees may be the toughest and most important challenge organization faces. As the model suggests, to achieve results leaders need to be signed up to organization’s narrative strategy, so there is no gap between what they say in public and what they do in private. This should have a shared purpose that need to be role modelled by leaders who need to believe it, and live it throughout the organization. Leaders need to be signed up to it, so there is no ‘SAY-DO’ gap.


A prerequisite to making engagement happen is to understand engagement levels and to identify the root cause of why employees are experiencing burnout and disengagement. This provides greater insight into where leaders need to focus behaviors to engage others. In addition, this is required to understand whether or not the organization has the baseline engagement level within the leaders to be successful and what they can do about it if they don’t.

Building a critical mass of engaging leaders will help drive employee engagement, but also will change the face of their organization by building a culture of engagement. Before organizations can look to their leaders to engage the people, they must first understand and create engagement within the leaders.


Our Engagement Insights Survey will provide organizations with insights which will allow them to understand employee engagement levels through customized engagement reports from survey results. These reports will identify the root causes behind levels of engagement as well as in-depth qualitative and quantitative feedback allowing them to implement the appropriate plans of action to target particular improvement topics.

We then work in partnership with organizations throughout this journey. Our approach is to provide each audience – leaders and HR – with the guidance and tools necessary to improve their organizations and unlock the potential of people.

We also work alongside senior leaders to uncover the optimum policies and practices to achieve and maintain high-levels of business performance. And we assist and align managers and HR teams to create and conduct actions at a local-level, to achieve lasting engagement and outstanding business performance.

Our team of experts are available to tell you more about the Engagement Insights Survey and to assist in devising ways to build a critical mass of engaging leaders and a culture of organizational citizenship. Contact Us now!

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