Executive Coaching

A powerful tool serving organization’s leadership talent strategy

HRSuits can work with clients to determine the type of coaching services that will best suit organization’s needs. Our executive coaching is both individualized and strategic so our approach is tailored to the unique needs of each leader and is fully integrated within the context of their current challenges to ensure they achieve and sustain the changes they seek.

Our experts will work with leaders to understand their challenges and objectives, discover their development priorities, and address them within the context of their team, business goals and strategies. We also enable our clients to extend the benefits of coaching to the workforce in general by developing cadres of internal coaches, and teaching managers how to coach their employees.

Our experts will help companies to optimize the return on their coaching investment through alignment with strategic priorities, efficient processes tailored to their business needs, understanding and adoption across the organization, and sustainable practices that maximize long-term value.


Team Effectiveness

Better collaboration for greater team effectiveness

HRSuits can help clients in developing effective teams where members will set aside their individual agendas and commit to a common objective in an environment of mutual trust and respect. We help teams collaborate on commitment and trust, sense of purpose, clarity regarding their roles, enhanced decision-making, and renewing energy. We work with new teams to quickly get them up to speed and deliver to business objectives and with new team leaders or members to help them assimilate quickly and effectively.

Our experts will partner with teams, survey them, then implement development plans that aid them in collaborating and aligning around clear goals and team priorities, engage in candid and thoughtful dialogue, onboard new members, and develop greater levels of understanding and stronger working relationships among all members. When team members collaborate, they share creative ideas without fear that another team member will take credit for their ideas.

We also work with clients to give well-functioning teams a renewed spark; a “time out” to reflect on how well their decision-making process is working and whether the experience and talent of their members is being fully leveraged.