About HRSuits

Welcome to HRSuits and to a unique approach to Human Resource solutions. We say ‘unique’ because we know that our success depends on our clients’ success so we provide a genuinely personal partnership that’s grounded in honesty, integrity and open communication.

HRSuits is a management consultancy firm that specializes in human resource strategies for small to medium sized businesses. HRSuits empowers companies to maximize their performance by supporting organizational development and accelerating individual and team development, through integrated human resources solutions and products.

Small Sized Businesses
Small sized businesses may not need an on-staff human resources professional but there will be many human resource duties and functions that need to be managed on a regular basis. Sometimes owners take on a great deal of tasks themselves but they cannot acquire the knowledge to address every issue and make sure that they deliver the best possible result.

Medium Sized Businesses
Medium sized businesses may have an on-staff human resources professional or even a department, but they are unlikely to be large enough to tackle strategic planning, to handle challenges or transformation desires.

If you’re looking for a real partner, rather than a transaction, you’ve come to the right place!


Vision and Mission


Our vision is to make ourselves a trusted partner and leading provider of human resource and professional development solutions for the region’s organizations and people.


Our mission is to know each client we partner with and to build a long-term relationship with all of them. We are devoted to empower our clients with tailored yet integrated human resources as well as hands on training and practical learning solutions necessary to maximize their performance and professional careers. To achieve this, we partner with international organizations and we continually look for and learn from the best practices and trends in the industry.

Why HRSuits

Our experience gives us an in-depth understanding of the industry. We combine this with a commitment to continually look for and learn from the best industry practices; this commitment is how we are able to develop tailored solutions that are authentic to each situation.

Our Consultants

We take pride in the quality of our consultants which include former HR Managers, business leaders, subject matter experts and highly qualified academic thought-leaders. Whether sourced from our internal bench or through our network of trusted experts, we are committed to assigning the best-fit partner to each client and ensuring the quality of services delivered.

Our Partnership Approach

We understand that companies need the right HR infrastructure to perform and we know that each organization is different, so we focus on transformation through the integration of people, systems and processes. With every engagement we accomplish our goals and surpass client expectations through the 5A’s partnership approach – Apprehend, Assess, Analyze, Act and Ascertain.


It’s rare to find a quick fix that is sustainable. As a result, HRSuits’ partnership approach takes a long-term perspective: we are committed to a relationship that will evolve, improve and become more valuable and productive over time.