Meta Execising

Meta Exercising Moments

By Chafic Kharma

12th Jan

Many of the working population are spending most of their waking life in the office. Organizations are now concentrating more on wellness in the workplace to maintain a healthy workforce and to avoid loss of production from absenteeism, staff turnover and early retirement. Health programs specifically physical activities can have positive impact not only on the body and heart but also on the mind. In this post, I will focus on the mind aspect.

Plenty of evidence points to the benefit of physical activities for creativity and for a great impact on deepening one’s sense of self. In a Stanford study, 90% of people were more creative after they exercised. A healthy body leaves more room for creative thinking and innovation. Our level of engagement deepens. Thoughts become more organised and can be used as tools rather than obstacles. Our response to challenging situations becomes more real. In some way, we become more gifted!

Ever had a moment during a physical activity where you have seen things in a different light? Or you have stumbled across something new? I call such experiences meta-exercising moments: moments of reflection that prompt us to interpret, understand, and add meaning to our experiences. It is during these moments where magic happens.

For years jogging is a daily routine. Jogging forces me to have disconnected time and allows me to reflect on whatever it is I am working on. It is simply clearing your mind and focusing on your breath. Whether you are starting a new task or finalizing a draft, it is during those moments when thoughts and ideas surface; that is when it all comes together. At the end of every exercise, while stretching I wrap up the thoughts and prepare to reflect them on papers later in the office.

A 9-5er once told me that her working hours ends at 7 (not 5) because she includes her exercise time, something that resonated. It is no surprise that so many creative and successful people build exercise into their daily routines.

As said, it is better late than never for you to get yourself engaged in a physical activity and experience those meta-exercising moments.

Thank you for reading my post. I learn from your experience as well. Please share your thoughts on this topic.

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