PDA Launch

Professional Development Academy Launch

By Chafic Kharma

12th Sep

On September 1, 2017, HRSuits Consulting launched a new division that focuses on the development of organizations’ most valuable asset, its People.

We welcome you to Professional Development Academy (PDA), your partner in learning and development. Our focus is on helping individuals and teams looking to gain new qualifications or to acquire a professional skill to find the right program to move in the right direction.

We are a team of specialists, with the purpose of enhancing performance, productivity and pro-activity in various feasible, practical and measurable ways that work, to ultimately achieve desired outcomes. This breadth of expertise is unique and allows us to develop and deliver comprehensive learning and development programs that can be adjusted or tailored from ground up to meet your objectives.

As a one-stop-shop, PDA offers complete package.

For more information why not visit PDA Website or contact one of our professional development advisers today via your favorite method of communication.

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