Human Resources Solutions tailored to support organization’s strategy and needs

We work with the management team to develop human resources strategic plans, ensure that strategic components fit together and facilitate change in order to enhance organizational effectiveness and health for optimal performance. For this, we focus our attention on a wide range of organizational dynamics and on aligning all organizational elements (i.e. strategy, structure, processes, talent, culture etc.) with the desired goal.

Our solutions can be delivered independently or as integrated bundles to give our partners the flexibility and expertise to deal with today’s challenges and to get ahead of the curve, allowing them to seize tomorrow’s opportunities.


  • Selection

    Hiring that goes beyond just filling today’s requirements

    HRSuits can help clients develop hiring strategies that meet their long-term needs. We provide standards and criteria that add rigor to the hiring process, giving our clients a competitive advantage when hiring the right team of people for both today and tomorrow.

    We provide the tools and training needed to equip recruiters and hiring managers with the skills to assess internal and external candidates and to enable them to improve their success in staffing qualified candidates. Our competency-based methods look at the big picture: building organizational capability through acquiring and retaining the best talent. We also help with post-recruitment processes, such as devising induction programs that ensure the smooth integration of new employees into the business.

  • Performance Management

    Performance Management is more than a one-year exercise

    HRSuits can help clients develop a performance management process that does the right things in the right way and provide managers with professional coaching to effectively engage and retain staff while managing employee performance. We help management to enable the very best performance with their workforce.

    Performance management processes include setting clear and specific performance expectations for each employee and providing informal and formal feedback about the employee’s performance relative to those stated goals. It also includes opportunity for feedback from the employee to help establish a richer dialog and a way to better understand their particular interests and long-term career goals, a way to offer guidance and suggestions and to ensure that development needs are addressed as they arise.

  • Succession Planning

    Identify and develop your leadership talent pipeline

    HRSuits can help clients develop a robust succession planning process that manages the talent pipeline for organization’s future challenges. Our experts work with CEOs and management to conduct a thorough assessment of the current leadership team and potential future successors in order to ensure that the organization has the right people to fill executive roles in the future. Rigorous executive assessments reveal how potential successors stack up, and executive coaching, development planning, and transition support move the right people quickly and seamlessly into their new roles.

    An effective succession planning process would include a system to ensure a smooth transition of the right people into the right roles, including the development initiatives needed to test the mettle of potential candidates for the top spots.

  • Base Pay Structures

    Base pay structure is a key component for attraction and retention

    HRSuits can help clients design base pay structures that are internally equitable and externally competitive while understanding it is essential these structures support organization strategy and create a link between work and rewards. Base pay structures continuously interact with their external and organization environments and are affected by changes in these environments. It is necessary that these structures are regularly monitored.

    The design process will include analysis, documentation and evaluation of jobs from which we will collect the data needed to understand the value of jobs in relationship to one another within the organization. Other considerations we can help with include designing the procedures for administering promotion/demotion pay changes, researching industry survey data and communicating pay actions effectively.

  • Variable Pay Plans

    A well-conceived variable pay plan is essential in achieving optimal performance

    HRSuits can help clients design variable pay plans that focus the organization on the accomplishment of key goals, and rewards those employees who contribute to positive results. These pay plans can be designed for any individual, or combination of individuals, and form the basis for an employee’s discretionary compensation. In other words, payouts only occur when certain performance or result criteria are met.

    A plan becomes effective when it is transparent and clearly communicated. The plan will clarify the important duties employees must perform and goals they must aim for, and identify what is important by establishing clear measures of success. It will emphasize the balance between organization success and individual performance by cascading all goals down from the top to the individual employees. It will encourage continuous improvement and acknowledge desired behaviors and results.

    We also help measure the plan’s effectiveness through monitoring organization’s culture and assessing the impact the plan is having on both the organization and the employees.

  • Transformation Management

    Turn your leaders and talent into transformation agents

    HRSuits can help clients identify the strategic and operational need for action and with the architecture and design needed to undertake change processes by combining hard and soft issues. The aim is to align culture, people and structures in such a way that they can fully develop their effectiveness in facilitating the goals and strategies of the organization.

    Our experts will partner with companies throughout the various cycles of the change process. Based on a master plan, we provide advice and guidance through change management strategies and through the development of training mechanisms, tools, guidance and other means to reduce any burden or confusion that may be caused by the transformation process. Together we develop a well-thought-out strategy for change and communication. This is followed by a consistent course of implementation supported by our experts as well as targeted mobilization measures.

  • Communication

    Communication fosters the trust, support and commitment of employees

    HRSuits can help clients develop integrated communication strategies to improve organizational performance, enhance customer satisfaction and both create and maintain a more engaged work force. We provide communications tools and processes, as well as customized communication plans for companies to communicate more effectively with their employees and key stakeholders, both of which are pivotal to organization’s success in managing change and achieving its desired goals.

    Our experts will coach managers in how to communicate effectively with employees and help them to maximize opportunities to tell their story to employees and other stakeholders. We also provide training to managers on how to implement a cascade of information approach that flows down through the organization and back up again to reinforce the relationships between managers and their staff and to ensure that vital communications reach all employees and that they convey the intended message.

  • Job Profiling

    More than a job description, it is a dashboard to improve employee effectiveness

    HRSuits can help clients optimize performance in a specific role through the development of job profiles; a single page document that covers the most important accountability, measurements of performance, competencies, and required qualifications/knowledge and experience. It provides essential information about the job, its relationship to other jobs, and its connection to organization’s strategy and goals. This replaces disjointed job descriptions and standalone competency models and is far more useful for employees, managers, and hiring teams.

    Job profiles form the basis of key talent management applications, from recruiting and onboarding, performance appraisal, development and succession planning. They are the perfect vehicle for more effective manager-employee performance and development discussions and provide employees with a clearer view of future career opportunities.

  • Competency Modeling

    Identify the factors that differentiate exceptional performance

    HRSuits can help clients develop competencies that describe what people need to know and be able to do in order to undertake their responsibilities effectively. We build competency models within the context of the organization’s business strategy, challenges, values, and culture. Competency modeling involves mapping out all the qualities needed for success, and then devising strategies that enhance these qualities among the workforce.

    Our experts, research leaders, managers and best performers work to define what it takes to be successful in a job. We then identify the major success factors required for each role and project them onto the organization’s competency requirements. The model will clearly define what it takes to achieve desired results and will do so in a way that clearly aligns performance with the overall organizational strategy. Once the model is defined, it can serve as a foundation for all HR platforms. Once embraced throughout the organization, its effect will go beyond merely defining requirements for roles, it will shape work culture and even define employees’ identity.

  • Employee Handbook

    A reference tool that increases the consistency of organization practices

    HRSuits can help clients develop its employee handbook, the document that establishes the guidelines directing day-to-day contact between the employee and the employer, one that minimizes possible misunderstandings and potential conflicts. A well-written employee handbook gives clear advice to employees and creates a culture where issues are dealt with fairly and consistently. It is important to have the handbook professionally created and customized for the size of the organization.

    Our experts will compile policies and will then draft a handbook that perfectly suits the organization’s needs and specifically embodies its individual culture. We can also add to the handbook other relevant materials like procedures, forms, checklists, Q&A’s, job descriptions etc. We will do all the heavy lifting to make the ideal employee handbook for both the organization and its employees.

  • Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement is one of the smartest ways to stay ahead of the competition

    Employee Engagement is the level to which employees are emotionally attached to their organization, are enthusiastic to perform and are committed to work on behalf of organization’s goals. It is also the extent to which employees are willing to contribute their knowledge, skills, abilities and effort towards the success of the organization.

    Employee engagement is a vast notion that traces almost all facets of human resources. If any of the human resources functions is not addressed in the appropriate manner, organizations and employees will fail to embrace the principles of engagement.

    To make engagement happen, it is important for organizations to understand their employee’s perspectives and to understand whether or not it has the baseline engagement level within the leaders. Our Engagement Insights Survey will get you this and more.

    HRSuit’s experts will assist in defining approaches to ensure all facets of human resources are addressed in an appropriate manner and will assist in devising ways to build a critical mass of engaging leaders and a culture of organizational citizenship.

  • Strategic Planning

    Determining your human resource needs for possible futures

    HRSuits can help clients develop strategies that define how the organization will manage and motivate a workforce that can effectively implement their business strategy. This involves more than identification of the competencies that will be required for implementation, it involves shifting the focus of the HR department from solely HR objectives to focusing on overall business objectives.

  • Organization Redesign

    Good design is based on good strategy

    HRSuits can help clients clear away barriers, break down walls and become a fully functioning organization. Re-engineering a business means redesigning its processes, removing inefficient elements and becoming streamlined. It ensures that the form of the organization matches its purpose or strategy and meets the challenges posed by business realities.

    Our experts have eagle’s eyes and can see the organization from both 20,000 feet and in close detail—two priceless perspectives that often escape day-to-day managers and business owners. It enables them to identify underutilized assets, opportunities for improved efficiencies and to re-imagine operations. It also includes building an infrastructure that works, setting the stage for competitive advantage, and ultimately ensuring the long-term sustainability of a business.

  • Executive Assessment

    A powerful method to reveal unparalleled insights into executives’ capabilities and potential

    HRSuits can help clients with in-depth assessment of final candidates to identify the subtle differences that make an executive the best fit for a critical leadership role. Our method reveals the capabilities, risk factors, and long-term potential of aspiring leaders and has played a critical part in successful senior-level hiring decisions and smooth leadership transitions in any number of successful companies. Such assessments are also applicable to current executives who are focused on their personal development.

    Our experts will meet with candidates for a deep dive executive assessment during which they will collect information from different sources to provide a comprehensive view of a candidate’s capabilities and potential. Our process will be tailored to each client’s situation and needs, which can include an in-depth Behavioral Emotional Interview (BEI), structured 360-degree interviews with key stakeholders and other psychometric instruments to complement the interviews.