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Surviving the Violent Waves of Change

By Maya Bekhazi

04th Oct

Did we know that waves do not transport water? Or that they are actually a concentrated form of solar energy?

We used to believe that the world was our oyster, if we had the winning smile, the right attitude, enough education and knowledge about a certain field of work and the willpower, stamina and of course, not forgetting our four-leafed clover, we’d be qualified enough to make it, hence our path paved.

Our path was then obstructed by the obvious ugly truth, posing as a violent wave which went undetected by those who had their heads beneath the surface, believing that obstructions were existent only on the ocean’s bed and in what it holds; wearing only divers’ goggles, focusing their vision on multiple aspects all under one surface though.

All the while lacking a skill of substantial magnitude (bobbing)

In the absence of luck, our success was based on the fact that it is who you know, not what you know, leading to steam rolling start-ups who are introverted and those who wrongly invested the majority of their resources and time in what would be viewed correct; as learning, understanding, developing a taken for granted product of delivering a worthy product, rather than networking and in a twisted sense, “playing”.

The wave of change has many layers, never seizing to be what nature intended it to be: a big bulk of water that could provide outcomes foreign to its nature; known to drown not crush, known to disorient not disgrace, known to transfer energy not deplete it.

The violent waves of change in the business world will only magnify the violence and disseminate destructive spume to those who swim unprepared.

Those who survived the tidal waves and made it safely to shore are whom we look up to with wonder and strive to follow in their footsteps, EPICALLY failing to notice that their feet never really touched the ground. Their survival had no physical process, nor could it be described plausibly.

How do you unlearn your learning and conceiving process?

Having your product or service reach the world has always been the main purpose of business. One major aspect of business success in our changed world is our understanding of the change in how our product or service reaches the world and our control over this entire aspect.

9 out of 10 startups fail. One of the key factors that ultimately results in startups being terminated is the recognition that the company, is failing to grow fast enough.

Failure to properly, practically and actually understand what your company really does from a perspective situated behind a screen, and how you communicate it, in addition to finding your target audience rather than market is vital.

Tackling digital marketing as you tackle would normal marketing is the biggest screw up start ups make; from outsourcing third parties, “because they know better”, to communicating the concept traditionally, to choosing the platforms based on the wrong criteria (if any), without fully understanding and gaining a holistic knowledge of the technologies involved and being able to adapt to a changed virtual world either makes or breaks a company.

PDA’s workshop: (Fundamentals of Marketing Digitally) combines human perception with the technologies of digital marketing; introducing startups in specific and the market in general to the key aspects that pave paths of success, you may no longer need third parties, you may be able to properly evaluate your digital marketing strategy or maybe even create it, broaden your horizons and be that 1 in 10 that make it because they survived the violent waves of change.

By attending this foundation workshop, you would be opening the door to other more advanced qualifications in this field.

Contact us for outlines and workshops details.

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